10 Sports-Themed NFT Collections of 2022

Discover 10 exciting new projects set to drop this year in the Sports NFT world.

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NFTs made quite the splash in 2021. And, if you log into any of your social platforms, you’ll likely see videos of millennials talking about their favorite new NFT project. 

While we don’t know which NFT will be the next big thing, the fact remains that sports-themed projects are a growing sector of the metaverse.  

Here are 10 sports-themed NFT collections sports fans can expect to drop in 2022, shared in no particular order. 

1. SOL-NFL Players

This NFT project combines the best of both worlds. Think “cryptopunks meets the NFL.” Collectors will have the opportunity to buy digital NFL players minted in a pixel art design on the Solana blockchain.  

NFL Players is an ongoing project, and some teams have already been minted. Eighteen teams in the collection have already sold out and, with 32 teams in the NFL, that means there are 14 left to go. Keep an eye out on their social platforms to see if you can catch your favorite team! 

2. NFT Wrestling

NFT Wrestling is an exciting, new project set to drop on the Ethereum blockchain. This project will contain 10,000 available wrestler characters. Each wrestler is a unique token with its own hair, style, accessories, clothing, and finish move.  

No two wrestlers will be alike, so collectors don’t have to worry about overlap. The characters will come with their own unique artwork and special character attributes that can be developed for use in the metaverse at a later date.  

Collectors will be able to store their wrestlers in their crypto wallets as ERC-721 tokens, and the projected floor price for this project will start at .06 ETH.  

3. Mob Melee

This unique collection contains 10,000 fighting kangaroo NFTs available on the Ethereum blockchain. Each fighter will have up to 200 unique attributes that can be changed from token to token.  

The collection will have 9,000 “standard edition” generative kangaroos, 900 zombie kangaroos, and 100 rare Mob Bosses. These Mob Boss tokens will be hand-drawn by the Mob Melee community. 

4. Vira Lata Football Club

The Vira Lata project is unique for a couple of reasons. First, this will be one of the first Brazilian-born NFT projects. And second, it’s an NFT project backed by a social cause. 

The Vira Lata Football Club will give collectors access to a library of “football dog” tokens on the Polygon blockchain. Each token will have unique attributes and football clothing. Some will be wearing the jersey of your favorite club, while others will have referee uniforms.  

Sales from this project will be donated to social sports causes throughout Brazil. The Vira Lata company also plans to launch its own social project with proceeds from its NFT sales. Collectors will also gain early access to new collections and future free gift items by purchasing a Vira Lata FC NFT.  

5. PokerShark’s

Pokershark’s will be a series of 666 playing card NFTs available on the Polygon blockchain. Existing on the Polygon network allows Pokershark’s creators to keep gas fees low for interested collectors.

The collection will be broken down into three distinct groups. Buyers will have the chance to receive one of 600 Jack of Spades cards with the Binance logo, 60 Queen of Spades with the Ethereum logo, or 6 King of Spades with the Bitcoin logo. 

6. The BallMan NFTs

Celebrities and pro athletes getting behind NFT projects is becoming increasingly popular. And that’s exactly the case with The BallMan NFT project. 

This collection will contain 5,555 tennis-themed tokens on the ETH blockchain and is backed by tennis star Stan Wawrinka. Stan is a decorated tennis player with multiple Grand Slam titles, an Olympic appearance, and a championship title from The Davis Cup.  

The BallMan project gives you more than just a token to add to your collection. Buyers will be given VIP access to the NFT Open Series, a series of weekly virtual tennis tournaments designed exclusively for the BallMan community. Your BallMan token will also grant you access to rare future AirDrops, points to go toward future prizes, and much more. 

7. Hockey Heroes

If you visit their website, the Hockey Heroes creators call this the “greatest hockey collection on the Solana blockchain.” This collection will have 3,333 “card packs.” Each pack contains a digital hockey card, a pixel art representation of NHL hockey players.  

Within the collection of 3,333 available tokens, there will be 111 Legends available. These Legends represent some of the greatest hockey players of all-time and will be redeemable for a physical collectible. In addition, one of the 3,333 packs contains the Stan Cup. The creators claim that whoever uncovers the Stan Cup in their pack will receive $10,000 worth of Solana deposited into their wallet within 48 hours of selling their token. 

8. Bawlers

Throughout NBA history, a number of players gained a reputation for having “spirited discussions” with refs, coaches, or fans. The creators of Bawlers launched an NFT collection to commemorate those more “outspoken” NBA personalities.  

This collection will contain 5,555 tokens and will be what’s known as a “Profile Pic” or PFP drop. But, holders of a Bawlers token will be given access to much more. Bawlers owners will gain access to future collaborative drops and future versions of the Bawlers series via exclusive AirDrops. They’ll also be given access to a virtual Bawlers chatroom, Courtside, which is yet to be released. 

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Bawlers collection is the royalty fee. The creators will be collecting a 5% royalty fee on all secondary market Bawlers transactions. The idea is that a portion of the fees collected will be redistributed to Bawlers owners as a form of passive income. 

9. Scuderia Ferrari & Velos

This collection is dedicated to celebrating one of the most decorated Formula 1 racing teams in the sport’s history. Scuderia Ferrari has partnered with a Swiss-based NFT firm, Velos, to make this NFT drop possible.  

Tokens from this collection will be available on the Tezos blockchain and will cover both Ferrari’s F1 racing and Esports teams. The collection will boast some of the most memorable cars to race the F1 circuit, and the hope is that it will help to grow F1 racing’s popularity, much like previous racing projects existing on the Tezos blockchain. 

While we’re focused firmly on our partners at Mercedes AMG Petronas F1, we’re still thrilled to see the entire F1 community move into Web3.

10. Super Racer: F1

Super Racer: F1 is a unique NFT project for 2022. This project combines an arcade-style gaming NFT and the sports component of F1 racing. Another interesting fact to note is that most F1 projects exist on the Tezos blockchain up to this point. Super Racer, however, will be one of the first F1 projects to take place on the Solana network.  

What sets Super Racer apart from other gaming projects is its completely immersive gaming experience. The creators have taken the time to give users 23 detailed grand Prix track designs and a wide variety of unique vehicles to choose from. Their goal is to become the premier racing project within the metaverse. 

Game On!

Racing, hockey, football, and Euro football fans have some projects to get excited about in the coming year.  

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