5 Celebrities That Recently Joined The NFT Wave

The world’s most recognizable celebs are joining the NFT wave in droves buying the rarest NFTs. Some are even launching new ecosystems for their fans to interact in the metaverse. Here is our list of 5 celebrities who recently joined the NFT wave.

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Just a year ago, the concept of celebrities going what seems like “all-in” on their favorite nonfungible token (NFT) seemed ludicrous. Beginning in 2020 all that changed, with celebrities beginning to make their mark on the NFT world and, now, some of the most recognized names in music, art, entertainment, and business have recently joined the NFT wave. Let’s dive into our list of celebrities who’ve recently joined the NFT wave! Five who have recently jumped into the deep end are: 

#1:  Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of, if not the, most recognizable names in the music industry recently joined the NFT wave and, as usual, is turning heads everywhere. Snoop Dogg’s reason for entering the NFT space is to share and give back to the community. Snoop Dogg hopes to improve the lives of African American youth nationwide by ensuring they have access to the same opportunities as other youth in America and around the globe.  

Snoop began in the NFT space by not only purchasing NFTs but by also making a mysterious claim that he is a high profile NFT collector and crypto enthusiast on Twitter who spent millions of dollars buying an extremely valuable collection of Ethereum NFTs. Snoop claims he is Cozomo de’Medici. De’Medici’s crypto wallet contains an astounding $17 million worth of nonfungible token collectibles that include nine CryptoPunks and 10 rare Meebits NFTs. Snoop Dogg also recently announced his plans to make Death Row the first NFT music label and released music as an NFT.  

#2: Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki joined the NFT wave in the same way as Snoop Dogg: by making a real mark on the industry. Aoki recently launched NFT membership community called the ‘A0K1VERSE’. NFT enthusiast and DJ Steve Aoki is making major waves in the NFT space with this new ecosystem which aims to close the gaps between the Web2 and Web3 environments by rewarding fans who complete experiences in the metaverse with NFTs.  

A0K1VERSE was built in partnership with NFT creator studio Manifold and will be powered by what is known as ‘the Passport’ – a dynamic NFT whose goal is to become interoperable and  “truly portable NFT gateways to real-life, virtual and metaverse experiences.” The Passport aims to open up a world of new experiences on-chain and within the physical world and will give members access to free Steve Aoki concert tickets, early access to Aoki NFT releases, private events, metaverse experiences, free apparel and digital wearables. Aoki’s prestige as a DJ is bound to attract hundreds of thousands of members to his new ecosystem and potentially make a long-lasting impact in the NFT space for years to come.  

#3: Justin Bieber

Grammy-winning singer Justin Bieber has recently added yet another NFT to his growing collection. The name “Bieber” is known far and wide as one of this generation’s pop stars. He uses his Twitter not only to share his latest albums or favorite music lyrics, but he also recently shared the rare Ape NFT he acquired. Justin Bieber purchased the NFT Bored Ape #3001 on Saturday February 19.  Bieber is purported to own 619 NFTs from 49 collections. After Bieber purchased his new Bored Ape NFT, he shared his acquisition with his fans via a tweet on his Twitter account including lyrics from his song ‘Lonely’. 

#4: NBA Star Stephen Curry

NBA Star Stephen Curry is the first basketball player on our list and he recently entered the NFT space. Steph Curry made his mark on the NFT space by buying a rare Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for $180,000 USD Worth of ETH. Stephen Curry is best known for his skills on the basketball court, but he has since turned to NFTs to broaden his investment portfolio.  

In addition to purchasing the Ape, he also recently launched his own NFT collection to celebrate breaking the NBA's career 3-point record. Curry launched the “2974 Collection,” consisting of each individually numbered out of a total 2,974 -- the number of 3s required to dwarf Ray Allen's previous mark of 2,973. Each unique NFT has a floor price of $499, with the intent to donate 100% of his profits to the "Eat. Learn. Play" foundation owned by his wife.  

#5: Grimes

Grimes is one of the latest artists to ride the NFT wave as she sold over $6 million worth of digital artworks. Her series consisted of 10 pieces – many extremely rare (with only one copy existing) while others have thousands of copies ready to be minted by hungry art afficionados. The highest selling item carries the name “Death of the Old” which is a video with only one copy in circulation.  

The video consists of flying cherubs, a sword, a cross, and more set to an original song created by Grimes. The winning bid clinched the NFT for just shy of $390,000. The majority of sales that sold out the collection came from two pieces with thousands of copies that were available to be collected. The works were titled “Mars” and “Earth,” both short videos also consisting of giant cherubs and, again, featuring original music. 700 copies of these two pieces were sold, netting Grimes $5.18 million before the sale concluded.   

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