How to Use Cryptocurrency Apps

Learn how to properly use cryptocurrency apps and their features with this guide from FTX.

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If you're here, then that means you've learned the basics of cryptocurrency and want to get started with trading. The first step to buying Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is using a cryptocurrency app. 

An app for cryptocurrency allows users to interact with their digital currency on the go. The challenge is that there are plenty of cryptocurrency apps to choose from, and it can be easy to get lost trying to navigate through the noise.

In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about cryptocurrency apps. 

Find the Best Cryptocurrency App for You

Clearly, before you can use a cryptocurrency app, you'll need to find one you trust. If you're new to the process, the good news is that choosing a trustworthy and secure crypto app isn't difficult.  

Here are some ways you can filter through the market and choose the best app for cryptocurrency. 

Look for Accessibility

One of the top benefits of cryptocurrency is that it's accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The same principle applies to choosing a crypto app. You'll want to find one that's available on multiple platforms. 

Prioritize Maximum Security

Any app you use to store your cryptocurrency should have top-notch security. This is non-negotiable. When an app has robust security features, it'll usually list them prominently on its website or app store page.  

Make sure the app uses two-factor authentication (also known as "two-step verification"). This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring you to input a code that's sent to your mobile device in order to log in.  

In addition, check out user reviews and see what others are saying about the app's security measures. 

Factor in Ease of Use

The whole point of using a crypto app is to make your life easier. When you're looking at different options, be sure to pay attention to how user-friendly they are.  

Can you easily find the features you need? Is the interface clean and straightforward? Are there helpful tutorials or customer support options if you get stuck?

Take a Look at Fees

Depending on the app you choose, you may be charged fees for using it. These fees can vary depending on the app, so it's important to compare your options before making a decision.  

Some apps might not charge any fees, while others may have transaction fees, withdrawal limits, or other costs associated with using their services. 

Choose an App That Has Enough Trade Volume

If you're planning on trading cryptocurrency, you'll need to find an app that has enough trading volume to support your needs. If an app doesn't have enough trade volume, it could result in a delay when trying to execute a trade.  

Be sure to check an app's website or app store page to see how much trading activity is taking place. 

Think About the Coins Being Offered

Not all cryptocurrency apps offer the same coins. If you have your heart set on a specific coin, make sure the app you choose supports it.  

You should also think about which coins you might want to trade in the future. Some apps only support a handful of coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, while others offer hundreds of different options. 

Choose an App That Offers Educational Tools 

If you're new to cryptocurrency, it's important to find an app that offers educational resources. These can come in the form of blog posts, tutorials, FAQs, or even customer support.  

The best apps will have a variety of resources that can help you learn about the basics of cryptocurrency and how to use the app itself. 

Create an Account with Your App of Choice 

Once you've found the perfect app for cryptocurrency, it's time to create an account. 

Be sure to use a strong password and enable two-factor authentication, if it's an option. Once your account is created, you're ready to start using your app. 

Start Buying Cryptocurrencies

Now that you have a cryptocurrency app, it's time to start buying some coins. This process will vary depending on the app you're using, but most of them follow a similar process.  

First, you should expect to go through identity verification (or “know your customer”). Most jurisdictions require financial companies like crypto exchanges to verify the identity of their users for the sake of compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. 

Next, you'll need to deposit money into your account. Different apps will give you different options - from bank transfers to credit cards - to fund your account. Once the money is in your account, you can start buying cryptocurrencies. 

You can also use your app to trade cryptocurrency with other users. Some apps even allow you to buy goods and services with cryptocurrency. 

When buying crypto, here are some important tips to follow:  

  • Do your own research before buying any coin.  
  • Be aware of scammers and always use a reputable app. 
  • Store your coins in a safe wallet. 

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Get Started with a Cryptocurrency App You Can Trust

Using a cryptocurrency app isn't a difficult process once you do your research and choose the right one.  

If you're still in the market for a reliable app for cryptocurrency, consider creating a free account with FTX and start buying crypto in just a few minutes.


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